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The Impact of Super Advanced Future Technology

The type of future technology is the result of human thought which over time continues to develop. These developments come from various life problems and needs that are often faced.

The emergence of future technology is one form of development that continues to run faster. In fact, now humans also have a row of technological results that make it easier to meet the needs of life.

Although it facilitates human life and has a positive impact, the presence of future technology can also have a negative impact. Many things today are considered to be destroyed if humans use future technology with super-sophisticated abilities.

So, what types of future technologies are expected to emerge? Check out the full review below, summarized from various sources.

Warp Drive

The first type of future technology is called the warp drive. Warp drive is a product that comes from human innovation over time and increasing human needs.

Warp drive is nothing but a term for an advanced technology that allows humans to be able to explore the entire universe. The concept of the warp drive is not much different from modern spacecraft.

Although it is still in the discourse stage, this type of modern technology is considered to have many negative impacts. One of them is called can damage the order of the solar system because of its speed that can destroy particles in space.


In addition to warp drives, the type of future technology that is expected to be created soon is nanobots. Nanobot is a weapon that has a super small size and can be used in the health sector.

Because of its small size, the technology can enter and affect the cells of the human body. This makes nanobots also get a lot of pros and cons because of their more effective results in destroying enemies on the battlefield.

Artificial Intelligence Machine

Until now, artificial intelligence (AI) has started to be created which is used to help human activities. In the future, this technology is also estimated to be more effective and super sophisticated.

The results of this future technology are like robots with the ability to move, think, and speak. This is considered capable of making human activities lighter, faster, and more efficient without requiring a lot of time and money.

Auto War Drone

Drones are one of the most common technological products. This type of technology is often used for science and entertainment, such as data mapping, agriculture, and photography.

In the future, drone technology is expected to be used as a sophisticated tool and weapon of war. The technology of the future clearly has many negative impacts on human civilization on earth.

Because, these automated war drones can produce extraordinary power and are able to destroy places in an instant. Misuse of advanced technology can cause massive destruction.

Electronic Telepathy

The next type of future technology is electronic telepathy. Electronic telepathy allows humans to have unique communication skills using advanced technology.

Generally, telepathy is a term used to refer to the ability to read other people’s minds and personalities. If technology can make this even easier to do, then anything that is being thought of can be accessed quickly by someone else.

Positive Impact of Emerging Future Technology

A number of future technologies are clearly capable of having a positive impact on humans. With technology, the time and costs incurred by humans to carry out activities are lower.

The following are positive impacts regarding the emergence of future technologies,

The emergence of technology is clearly able to facilitate and ease human life when carrying out various activities in order to cover the necessities of life.
Future technology makes everything easier, more effective and efficient.
The existence of various future technologies triggers innovation and creativity to continue to be developed according to human needs.

How to Solve A Slow Computer, Easy and Fast

Electronic devices such as computers, laptops and mobile phones have become a primary necessity for most people. Computers and laptops are especially more needed, given the practicality of their complete use and functionality. For workers to school and college students, computers and laptops are a place to do all the tasks.

One of the most common problems experienced by computer and laptop users is the decrease in the performance capacity of their devices. The computer will become heavy and limp if it holds too much data and is used continuously without rest. The age factor of the computer can also be the cause of the computer’s sluggish lying.

Generally, how to solve the computer can be by adjusting the installed software to the installed hardware specifications. You can also remove unused applications, install anti-viruses, pay attention to the cleanliness of hardware devices and so on.

In this article, it will be discussed about several ways to overcome slow computers easily and quickly in order to function again optimally.

1. Clean Your Computer from Viruses or Malware

It’s important to check if your computer is infected with a virus or not. One of the causes of computer performance becomes sluggish usually because your computer contains viruses or malware. An unwitting virus or malware attack can incriminate the computer device you are using. Types of viruses and malware are also very many types.

How to solve the fastest and most practical virus or malware virus or malware by installing an anti-virus program on your device. The anti-virus programs available are very diverse, both paid and free.

As a recommendation, you can use anti-viruses with a pretty good reputation such as Avast, Kaspersky, ESET NOD and others. It is recommended that you use a paid anti-virus program for maximum protection.

2. Don’t Open Too Many Startup Programs

Too many startup programs on your computer are also one of the causes of computers becoming sluggish. The number of applications running at start-up makes RAM work too hard in allocating all the space it has to applications running at start-up. This certainly makes RAM very burdensome.

How to resolve the computer as a result of this by dishutting down or shutting down some start-up programs that run by default on the computer.

In Windows 10, you can limit the activity of some automated applications by opening the task manager, selecting the Startup tab, and then on that tab select some applications to restrict, and then restart. Or it could also be by typing msconfig on the start menu, selecting the start-up tab, and turning off some start-up programs like Tune-Up Utilities that take up a lot of RAM.

3. Check the Condition of your Computer’s Hard Drive

Often, computers become sluggish due to overheat or overheating. It could also be because there 7. Try Restarting Your Computer

How to solve this one may seem ordinary and trivial, but in many cases it can have a significant effect on the performance of a sluggish computer. Especially if the computer is always used for days without resting or shutting it down properly. Restarting the overall functionality of the computer will become better ready for reuse, and also help lower the processor temperature.

The computer used non-stop will make the processor temperature overheat. This results in a weakening of the computer’s workforce, making it sluggish. Before restarting, make sure all important data is safely stored.

8. Update Windows Periodically

Microsoft programs generally need to be upgraded to keep their work performance to a maximum. Because, in each type there are bugs that still need to be fixed and improved. Upgrading the Windows system on your computer can make some bugs automatically fixed. The next way to solve your computer is to regularly update your Windows 10, to keep your computer a problem with the hard disk. Common hard disk problems are because low space drives, fragmented, it has been too long until the rpm decreases, or the hard disk experiences a bad sector. The large build-up of temporary files on the hard disk also affects the slowdown in computer performance.

The way to solve the computer sluggishly due to hard disk problems is, if the hard disk you have is old, then it is better to replace it with a new one. Electronic devices have age and life restrictions. If the electronic device is old, it will certainly affect the overall performance of the computer.

If the cause is a fragmented drive, then the solution is that you need to de-fragment the Hard disk at least once a week or two. To do this, type Disk Defragmenter on the Start Menu, and you can do so periodically.

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

Personal computers are usually filled with an assortment of programs, even programs that are not needed and never used at all. The problem is, some of these programs can run in the background process and consume the available computer resources.

In addition to making your hard drive full, unused programs running in that background can make your computer sluggish. How to solve the computer slowly because of this you have to uninstall or uninstall programs that you do not use and do not need. This reduces the computer’s CPU workload and improves its performance.

You can check what programs are installed on the computer by clicking Add/Remove Program in Control Panel and uninstalling it.

5. Disable Visual Effect On Computer

In Windows, the visual effect serves to beautify the look of the computer while it is running to make it more comfortable to look at. There are quite a lot of visual effects in Windows 10, which actually take up quite a lot of your computer’s CPU performance.

How to solve the next sluggish computer by reducing some of the use of the visual effect. To do so, you can go to Control Panel, click System & Security, select System, select Advanced System Setting, and then select the Performance tab. Once you’re signed in, you just have to choose the option that sets the visual effect, and then restart your computer.

6. Activate Your Computer Maintenance System

In Windows 10, there is a maintenance system built in that can help you manage and maintain data such as virus scans, defragments, and system updates. It all runs on the system background. But you can also set it up manually, as a way of coping with a limp laptop. To do this, click control panel, select System & Security, select Security & Maintenance, click maintenance options, and then click Maintenance.

How to Solve An Illegible Flash and How to Take Proper Care of It

Flash is a popular necessity today, especially for students, students and office employees. Various ways are done to maintain the durability of the flash.

A flash drive also known as a USB flash drive is a USB connecting device capable of storing documents with a capacity of 2 to 512 gigabytes.

A lightweight, tiny-like flash is a priority, but what if suddenly your flash isn’t readable?

1. Check the Physical Condition of the Flash

Correction of USB ports and flash connectors, if there is dirt it may be that your flash is illegible. If you find any dirt, try cleaning it using a cleaning brush.

On the brass plate, clean it with a rubber eraser slowly. Be ware of the inner components, so that the flash does not become damaged.

2. Check USB drivers

When the flash is already connected to your PC or laptop, it is still unreadable. Try signing in to Control Panel, then selecting Device Manager, and selecting Universal Serial Bus controllers.

Continue checking the USB Mass Storage Device, if there is a yellow warning sign, it can be confirmed that your USB driver is in trouble.

If that happens, you can reinstall the USB driver again on your laptop device or PC. The easy way, just right-click on the USB Mass Storage Device, select Uninstall device, then choose Uninstall in the warning pop-up. Then unplug the flash and plug it in again.

After you follow each of these steps, try restarting your PC or computer.

3. Check Flash Status with Command Prompt

How to resolve the next unreadable flash using a command prompt. This can help you check the status of the flash. In an easy step, open the command prompt by clicking the Windows logo, and then type a command prompt.

When a black window appears, type the command chkdsk G:, change the letter G to the letter that corresponds to what the flash flash shows on your PC or laptop, such as F, H and others.

Then press Enter, and check what the command command prompt shows. If your flash is problematic, there will be a notification that Windows found an error, and so on.

4. Use Computer Management

If the previous three steps haven’t yielded results, try using the computer management app. How to open the search field and type “computer management”, then press enter.

Next select Disk Management, and right-click on the name of your flash. Select Change Drive Letter and Paths. After clicking Change, a new Assign the following drive letter will appear. Select the letters listed in the right drop-down menu, and click ok.

Continue right-clicking again on the flash name and clicking Format. Type the name of the flash, file system type and size. Once formatted, your flash should be readable again. But the risk is that the contents of the flash become clean and empty of data.

How to Take Care of the Right Flash

  • Do not save the file or document too full. We recommend compressing folders into .rar or .zip shapes
  • Avoid editing files directly on the flash drive. It is recommended to copy the file on your PC or laptop and edit it until it is finished, only to paste it into the flash again.
  • Do not format the flash very often, as it can damage and reduce the number of restrictions.
  • Avoid being close to magnetic fields for too long, such as tVs or speakers.
  • Do not let the flash often shake, fall or submerge the water.
  • Place the flash in a safe place with the temperature not too hot or too cold, to keep the components safe.
  • Always eject or stop before unplugging the flash.
  • Unplug immediately when you’re done, don’t leave the flash on your device for too long.
  • Directly scan the antivirus if the flash has just switched devices.
  • Make sure the flash is closed and avoid dirt, so that the components are maintained and not rusty.
  • Always use the secure release features provided by the computer, the majority of which are provided by Windows, such as “Safety Remove Hardware”

These are some ways to deal with unreadable flash and how to take proper care of it, so that your flash lasts. Good luck.

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